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FFD: Call of Duty – best thing ever, or worst thing ever?

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Call of Duty. Some love it (perhaps a little too much), while others detest its very name (definitely a little too much). While we could debate about its merits and flaws as a series of games forever, we won’t be doing that today. Instead, let’s rather discuss its impact on the video game industry as a whole.

The impact of Call of Duty is undeniable. Its made people, and business, realise that videogames are a huge thing – and not just the domain of the stereotyped sweaty, pale-faced basement dwellers. As a cultural phenomenon, it’s helped turn video games from being something associated with antisocial behaviour into something that’s not just socially accepted, but even mainstream. It’s quite likely that without COD turning games in to big business, many of your favourite games wouldn’t even exist today.

On the other hand, because it’s such a money-spinner, it has the knock-on effect of making just about every publisher and developer want a slice of that pie, resulting in an overabundance of “me too” clones, with multiplayer needlessly tacked on to just about everything. Hell, half of those clones exist within the Call of Duty franchise itself – and we have a bred culture of safe, annualised sequels.

Whether you love or hate Call of Duty, its impact on the industry is immeasurable; but is that impact a good, or bad thing for videogames?

Last Updated: May 17, 2013

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