FFD: Can GTA V save the gaming industry?

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The gaming industry is pretty much screwed. Publishers are losing money left, right and centre to the point of breaking. In an industry where 3.5 million sales in less than month is a failure, something’s quite clearly wrong. The gaming industry needs saving – and according to analysts the one thing that’ll save it is Grand Theft Auto V.

That’s the opinion of Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia, who believes that the current negative industry trends are set to continue until they’re single-handedly brought back to black by just one game, Grand Theft Auto V – with next-gen consoles giving it a second jolt later on.

No doubt, it’s an insanely popular franchise – and its latest instalment is quite probably the most eagerly anticipated game of the year. But can one game save the world?

Historically, GTA games have done incredible business. GTA San Andreas was the most successful game on the PlayStation 2, selling 17.33 million copies just on that console, with a total on all formats reaching 27.5 million. Its successor, GTA IV has sold over 25 million copies to date – with the franchise as a whole selling through over  114 million copies since its 1997 debut.

Times have changed though. People are a little tighter with their money. Many are saving for “next gen,” instead of splashing out on new games. Others still have turned off of GTA after the fourth game, which many felt was a bit of a flat, unfun experience. there’s also some serious competition now, in the way of the zanier Saint’s Row series which has grown from strength to strength.

GTA V will no doubt sell like the proverbial hotcakes, only with more dead hookers – but can it really reinvigorate the market?

Last Updated: April 19, 2013

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