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FFD: Hey are you coming to our community party?

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Apologies, I’ve hijacked our regular Flamebait Friday Debate for something very important.

We are holding a community party on the 17th of December at Brightwater Commons in Randburg, yes sorry it’s another Gauteng party but I promise we’ll organise something for the coastal people next year.

Right now we are finalising the exact venue at the Commons but for reasons that will become clear on Monday the Brightwater Commons is the most logical place for us to meet up.

You guys (and girls) are the first to hear about this and what we need from you is to find out what you would like at the community party?

Should we be looking at getting a place with dancing and music, or just a bar or maybe just take over a part of the restaurant.

Do you really want us to give away prizes and the like on the evening or would fitting your bar bill be more enticing?

Most importantly what would make you leave your gaming behind for an evening to come out with us and what would convince your friends to join us?

Ideas on a postcard or in the comments if you please. You can find the obligatory Facebook event here. Tell us if you’re coming. And then let us know if you’ll be joining us at our event.

Last Updated: November 25, 2011

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