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FFD: Hey look, a blank canvas!

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It’s been a long year – and not a particularly pleasant one. For many, it would be what the queen might call an Annus horribilis. And for the past year, every Friday, you’ve shared with us your thoughts on the things that have pissed you off; the things in video games specifically that have ground your gears, and gotten your goat.

But here’s the thing. Whenever we discuss these things, it’s a topic of my choosing. Instead, today (and not just because I’m burned out, tired, and suffering from a major case of The Decembers™) you’ll get to chat about whatever you like.

Tell us what’s pissed you off. Tell us how video games aren’t as good as you remember. Tell us how much Final Fantasy VII’s episodic structure is destroying the sanctity of the game’s memory, and how those blasted SJWs are just ruining everything.

Tell us how you’re tired of all the DLC, season passes and pointless microtransactions. Tell us how annoyed you are that Zuma and his cronyism have made it so that our hobby, already ludicrously expensive, is just going to become even more so.

It’s a clean slate. A blank canvas. Feel free to fling poo all over it.

Last Updated: December 11, 2015

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