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Friday Flamebait Debate: What popular foods just aren’t worth eating?

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Because I’m a grumpy old bastard, there are few things in life that give me great pleasure. If there’s one thing that never fails to engage my senses, it’s food. All sorts of food. I love high-end cuisine, cheap street food and everything in between. I love trying new things in the hope of finding a previously undiscovered culinary delight. Food isn’t just sustenance, it’s one of the things that makes life worth living.

It’s why I find it strange when I encounter people who feel that food is just fuel for their fleshy meat sacks. People who don’t find joy in discovering new and delicious comestibles. People like Darryn.

Yesterday was a normal day, until Darryn revealed that he’s never in his life eaten cheesecake. If you’re fond of cheesecake (and I am – baked cheesecake is better than a fridge), then you’ll know that a great cheesecake is delectably creamy and silky smooth, tart and not too sweet. Darryn is very obviously missing out, but it’s less that is, and more the reason why he’s not eaten it before that rankled.

Up until yesterday, Darryn believe that cheesecake had a layer of melted cheddar cheese in it, obfuscated by a layer of cream. I don’t wish to shame his ignorance here. It’s an easy mistake to make (no it’s not). More egregious though, is the discovery today that he’s never tried milk tart, one of the most beloved of South African desserts. It’s something I’m just unable to really comprehend, but I suppose we all have our quirks.

There’s very little I refuse to eat, but if you were to offer me tinned tuna I might just gag myself to death.

You tell us though! What popular foods haven’t you tried, won’t try, or just don’t think are worth eating?

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Last Updated: April 12, 2019

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