FFD: How do we deal with the second hand games market?

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Whether we want to admit it or not the second hand games market is a problem, the publishers hate it as they feel they are losing out on income and the retailers adore it as they are starting to make more money on second hand games than new games thanks to the lack of licensing fee’s payable.

Should retailers be forced into giving the publishers a share of the profits from the second hand games market or should they be forced to stop ripping off us off on trade in prices or should we just leave the market to sort itself out without intervention.

As an example EB Games in Australia is selling a used copy of BF3 for $84 with a new copy going for $64. Should they be punished for attempting to blatantly rip off a customer or should we rather sit back and laugh at the moron who actually pays that.

Remember EB Games and Gamestop are now adopting the policy of putting the used titles on top of the new titles to try and get more second hand sales and therefore are now directly competing against the publishers.

But some could argue that this helps the industry by enabling people to play more games.


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Last Updated: January 27, 2012

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