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FFD: Is the price of the new PS3 too damn high?

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You were expecting McMillan?

I was pretty excited for the new superslim PlayStation 3. I figured a cheaper model would help with market penetration, essentially opening up the current HD world to a people who’re still stuck with PlayStation 2’s. It might even be cheap enough to convince a few PC gamers or Xbox fans to get one, y’know for the exclusives or whatever.

Now, I’m not so sure.

Yesterday, we received confirmation of the official local pricing o of the new 12Gb, HDD-less slim, and its 500GB brother  – and it’s just not pretty. The new model with 12Gb of flash memory will retail for R2899 – which is exactly what you can pick up the current 160GB slim for right now. That makes no sense. The 500Gb version will remove R3999 ZARs from your wallet.

This is the third iteration of the Ps3 – and by now we really should be approaching mass market pricing – but we’re not.

Are you happy with the price, or do you think it’s too high? Me? I think somebody’s been smoking their socks.

Last Updated: September 21, 2012

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