FFD: Let’s Plays are stupid and pointless, aren’t they?

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I’m starting to feel like a relic; a fossil. A large number of gamers these days consume their video game media through the eyes of other people via Let’s Play videos and other bits of YouTube tomfoolery. I grew up reading the likes of EGM, Computer and Video Games Magazine and Nintendo Power, so I’ll always revere the written word. Try as I might though, I’m completely unable to embrace this new media stuff. I just don’t understand the phenomenon of Let’s Plays, and I likely never will.

I just don’t see the point of watching some foppish young lad scream and make noises  at a videogame. I understand that with games being so expensive, it’s nice to see what game looks like before buying it – but there are people, countless people, who’ll sit and watch somebody else play through an entire game, from start to finish. I don’t quite get South Park either, but they tackled the Let’s Play thing pretty well.

Tell us: Do you watch Let’s Plays religiously? Why? Help me, somebody who has nearly no hope of understanding why, try to understand why the phenomenon of watching people play games is becoming bigger than actually playing games themselves?

Last Updated: December 5, 2014

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