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FFD: How much info can spoil a game?

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I love my husband very much, but he has a terrible flaw – he is a rampant spoiler. He enjoys reading all sorts of things on the internet, often preferring to read a plot synopsis online than experience the original media. Of course, he tells me all the things and has ruined many stories for me. I have learned to stop him before he starts (especially around other people who aren’t as used to it as I am), but I’ve also learned that enjoying how a story is told is often more important than the actual story itself. Spoilers don’t bother me as much as they used to… but they can still irritate me.

When we cover various news topics, we will often give spoiler warnings. If you want to experience a game “un-spoiled”, you might want to avoid certain trailers, interviews or achievement lists. Or, maybe you don’t mind knowing the basic idea of a trophy as long as it doesn’t ruin the story outcome.

I’ve been playing The Witcher 3 (yes, I know I’m very late to the party) and some how I’ve managed to avoid most spoilers. As a result, I made a series of horrible decisions (that I thought were good) in the Red Baron storyline. I was seriously upset by the outcome, even though it did make sense. That wouldn’t have been possible if the story had been spoiled for me – and that’s a good thing! It’s a wonderful thing when a game can get to you, can upset you, can make you question all your choices and decision.

That’s why I get very upset if people spoil certain games for me. Pretty much anything with a branching storyline, I want to discover for myself. But for more linear, straight forward games? I honestly don’t mind. I can usually predict the secret villains or plot twists, and if I can’t it’s not like I can do anything different in the game to avoid it – might as well know about the spoiler and just experience the game on its own merit.

Then again, I think back to all the games I played before I was really active on the internet, how many twists and surprises seemed to come out of nowhere and really shock me. Sure, there were some games I played that were awful and I could have avoided if I’d been clued up, but it was still cool to experience games in a totally unspoiled state.

How “fresh” do you like to be going into games? Do you watch all the trailers, read all the info you can? Or do you prefer to go in relatively blind?


Last Updated: September 23, 2016

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