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FFD: Next-Gen is now current gen. Do you care?

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With all three consoles from all tree major players now available at retail, it’s time to stop calling it “next-gen.” Next gen is here, right now – so it’s the current gen, I guess. and that’s exciting. Maybe.

It’s not, however, shaping up to the be revolutionary or even particularly evolutionary. Games aren’t running as well as they should, nor do they look all that good. Of course, much of that is down to them being launch games, and it should all get better. Games that really should be running at 1080p at 60 frames per second just aren’t.

Of course, this new generation of consoles isn’t just about the graphics; it’s all about social features, sharing your game play, your moments and memories. It’s all about changing the way we play games and how we experience things. It’s all about watching TV and chatting to your mates instead of actually playing games. It’s about shouting at your TV. It’s all about fiddling with a second screen instead of paying attention to what’s happening on the first. It’s all about updates, and mandatory installs. It’s all about playing your fancy schmancy games streamed to a tiny screen instead of your big screen TV.

The biggest real change to games should come about in physics and AI, with the new processors able to elicit more lifelike, deeper and richer responses – but that has yet to be seen.

And as we make way for new engines, even those from the master race should start seeing better games, built with better technology-  But right now, even “next gen” aren’t working as they should on the mighty PC.

The new generation is here. Are you impressed or disillusioned?

Last Updated: November 22, 2013

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