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FFD: Which part of your holiday backlog will you be tackling this festive season?

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Hello, it’s me. Geoff spouted something about not being well, conveniently, on our last day of work, so he’s not here to cover the Flamebait Friday Debate as usual. To be honest, I think he just wanted to rush off to get a head start on his holiday backlog…

We all have one of those, right? I’m not talking about an overall backlog – a million games grabbed over years of sales that have sat, waiting to be played forever (and probably never will be). No, I’m talking about those titles we actually intend to get to during the festive season – a time when solid 24/7 gaming can actually be a thing (at least for a week or two), before we rush headlong into 2016.

Me? I’ve got Metal Gear Solid V to finish still. I dived into that game face first when it released, and sunk in dozens of hours. Yet, I’ve yet to reach the very end, because other games arrived and stole my attention. These holidays, I will give Snake all the love he deserves, and see that story through.

I’ve also got Tales from the Borderlands. I played half of the first episode about four months ago, and loved the heck out of it. I decided to put off the entire game until December though, because at the time, the season was not yet complete. I look forward to binging it in its entirety in a single day.

Both of these titles above will be supplemented of course, with those others that will never, ever go away. Counter-Strike Global Offensive and Hearthstone are wildly addictive, and are probably part of the problem for me having a backlog in the first place. I ain’t even mad though, they both make for fantastic time sinks when I need a break from that solo gaming experience.

So yeah, that’s my holiday plan in a nutshell. I aim to finish at least Metal Gear Solid V and Tales from the Borderlands. I’m definitely hoping to get through a few more after them too though.

What about you? What’s your holiday backlog looking like? Is it filled with old gems that have been waiting to be played, or is it filled with new titles that you’ve been saving exclusively for the festive season?

Last Updated: December 18, 2015

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