FFD: Things that work in video games that you wished worked in real life

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Video games are not real life. That doesn’t really need to be said, except perhaps to those who’re unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality, but I digress. Sometimes, there are things in video games, or systems in video games that you just wish would work the same way in the real world.

I know, growing up, that really wished that I had built-in F5 and F7 keys. As many of you would recall, in the old days, those would typically be the used for saving and restoring – and a great big, silly part of my brain really, really wished I could save, try something stupid/brave/reckless/destructive (etc!), see the outcome, and restore if things went south.

I’ve also really liked the idea of being able to heal behind cover. No matter how grievous your injury, ducking behind a couch would magically heal your wounds better than time. Of course, there’s also respawning – and it would be interesting living in a world where death wasn’t quite as permanent.

It’d also be nice sometimes, when faced with a life-changing choice or decision, to have four easily digestible ones laid out for you, instead of the infinite possibilities and probabilities we have now. Life as a mundane Telltale game? Sounds okay to me.

Being able to build the most glorious structures and building using crap you picked up off the street?

One thing I’d love to be able to do? Utilise a Mario Kart ™ Blue Shell in traffic, especially if it goes right for the bastard who just cut me off.

What video game systems, items or mechanics do you wish worked the same way in real life?

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Last Updated: January 29, 2016

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