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FFD: What are you best and worst game genres?

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If you’re reading this, you’re more than likely a gamer. Either that or you’ve taken a wrong turn on the internet, and you now wish you hadn’t. As gamers, we play a heck of a lot of games, from all sorts of different genres.

Whatever you play, on whatever platform – you have to have favourites – as well as least favourites. While I’m generally quick to moan about the perpetual wave of modern combat shooters, you’d imagine the ubiquitous first person shooter to be among my least favourite genres of games, but you’d be wrong.

No, that criticism most likely falls on MMO’s (those and sport games). Even though they share many traits with my beloved Borderlands; levelling up, looting, grinding etc, I just can’t stand their repetitive drudgery. Which is funny, because my favourite genre, probably, is the RPG…at least the western variety.

Though I loved them in my youth, as a sort-of grown up I’d rather put Tabasco sauce in my eyes than play another game as a wild-haired androgynous girl-boy, and face another damned random encounter with a ball of slime.

So what’s your favourite, and least favoured gaming genres?

Last Updated: October 19, 2012

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