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FFD: What are you hoping to see from E3 this year?

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E3, The largest industry-focused gaming expo in the multiverse starts in just a month’s time. Right now, it seems like there’s very little exciting stuff that we’ll find out from the expo. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all have what seems to be pretty sparse line-ups for the rest of year. We’re hoping that E3 changes that, giving us a glimpse of the games we’ll be playing later on this year, and not just the ones we’ll be playing downgraded versions of in 3 years.

We do know that this year is going to be a press conference extravaganza, with major events from just about everyone this year – so there must be stuff to show off. Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony will all have their own conferences this year, joined by stalwart publishers EA and Ubisoft. For the first time ever though, there’ll be a PC-specific one, hosted by PC gamer and AMD. Another first? Bethesda’s hosting its own conference, meaning it likely has something big to announce. Square Enix will also be hosting an event.

What are you hoping comes from all of this? I’d definitely love to see more console-selling first party games from the big 3, and obviously hope that Bethesda’s big reveal is Fallout 4. Mostly though, I want to see new games that look fun, and aren’t just new sequels of old franchises, or games made to a template that all start looking like the same thing (yes Ubisoft, I’m talking to you!)

I think there’ll be some cool stuff shown off this year. What are you hoping to see – or do you think E3 is just a load of codswallop, inextricably linking the games press with the gaming industry PR and marketing machine in terrible, unethical ways?

Last Updated: May 15, 2015

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