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FFD: What sorts of missions and in-game objectives should get in the sea?

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I am hooked, hooked I say, on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Thanks to its structure, it means I can play one of the finest, open-ended games of this or any generation, and not have to sit through hour long cut-scenes of convoluted narrative twaddle. Most of the missions have been a blast to play, and I’m mixing them up to avoid repetition and boredom.

Some missions, you’ll find me sneaking around in the dark, like Batman, restarting so I can get a perfect sneaky run through, going for that addictively rewarding S Rank. Other times? I’ve gone in guns blazing, playing the game like a third person Call of Duty, and having a heck of a lot of fun doing it (while still managing to get a decent rank, because who knows with this game).

Still, there was one mission I did recently that I hated. Not because of what you had to do, or any restrictions on how you had to do it – but because it was timed. Let me tell you this; I hate timed missions. I hate a clock in the corner of my screen telling me, along with intermittent beeps and warnings, that I’m 5 minutes from failing. It does something to the inside of my brain that makes it impossible for me to think and act rationally, and very nearly inevitably leads to me failing said mission.

I get that they’re all about instilling some sense of urgency, but fail-states based on timers can, as far as I’m concerned, get in the sea. Those, and escort mission where the person you’re trying to save has the AI pathing of Leroy Jenkins, and negative HP are probably the two things that’ll get me to switch off a game, eject the dics (where applicable!), and dropkick it in right in to the sun.

What types of missions in games annoy you? Looking for shards? Collecting Elfroot? The whole of Dragon Age Inquisition?

Last Updated: September 11, 2015

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