FFD: What Type Of Gamers Make You Want To Slam Your Face Into A Wall

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There are different kinds of gamers but some get on your nerves more than others, some make your skin crawl from sheer annoyance as they do that think you hate over and over again. Which kind gets on your nerves the most?

Is it that guy that seems to believe that he can do now wrong and everyone else is always at fault for losing, the guy who goes out guns a’ blazing when you are trying to work as a team, what about the guy who will miss an enemy by 4 meters and blame the death on lag? That’s just multiplayer gaming, what about the gamers who never finish their games, or only play retro games and harp on about the glory days of gaming.

If you ever needed to vent, here’s the place, let’s hear which gamers make you want to fus-ro-dah them off of a cliff.

Last Updated: December 9, 2011

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