FFD: What was the best thing from this year’s E3?

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I feel like this E3’s been the most exciting one in years. The “new” consoles have finally hit the right maturity where we’re starting to see brand new games, incredible games for both of them; stuff like Horizon and ReCore. For many it was a Dream E3; Fallout 4, Shenmue 3, Final Fantasy 7, The Last frikken Guardian.

While it was new games like the aforementioned Horizon and ReCore – along with charming littler games like Unravel and Cuphead that got me most excited, But ME? I’m not everyone – and it’s time for you to tell us what got you most excited from this year’s bonanza E3. Or maybe, just maybe you’re one of the few that found it to be just as dull as E3’s past.

Honestly, I feel like this E3 has made games seem exciting and fresh again, and if anything, has shown that publishers are starting to listen to their audiences again, giving fans what they want, in addition to new things. People may say that Microsoft “won,” or that Sony “won,” or if they’re delusional, that Nintendo “won,” – bur from my perspective, gamers won. Oh, and the marketing and PR people.

There’s been so much shown at E3 this year – but what’s been your favourite?

Last Updated: June 19, 2015

Geoffrey Tim

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