FFD – Which game genre would you like to see stage a comeback?

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Take a look at your gaming shelf. Chances are, you probably have either a fighting, racing, shooting or sports genre title on it. Or most likely, all of them. Those happen to be the big four genres in gaming today, and while that may not be a bad thing, it has left other fields in the industry to rot.

So here’s the question: If you could see any one genre stage a comeback that would sell games like Call Of Duty Black Cupcakes, which would it be? Do you want to see hardcore platforming return, or do you want to test your mind palaces with cerebral point ‘n click challenges?

How about beat-em ups, but more polished and varied, or the return of the Space-flight combat game, along the veins of Wing Commander and Starlancer? Let us know which forgotten, dead and buried genre you’d like to see revived, below.

Last Updated: August 3, 2012

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