FFD: Which gaming debates are you tired of hearing?

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for some reason, gamers from different walks just can’t seem to get along – and there are always arguments and debates about something that should really be about fun.

You’ve got the perpetual console debate;  Who’s got the better graphics, blah blah blah. right now it’s Xbox 360 vs PS3, but soon it’ll be all about whether the Ps4 has more teraflops than the Xbox One. Is Xbox Live better than PSN. Gah. It gets worse – there’s the evergreen one about consoles vs the PC, with the Glorious Master PC Race going on about their sharper graphics, cheaper games and precision mouses, while console chaps talk about…whatever it is they think makes their platforms better.

There’s more; there’s the question of whether or not games or art; whether games are becoming too easy; whether corporate greed is ruining videogames; will smartphones and tablets kill consoles; is free to play the future  – and of course, that damned sexism in videogames that keeps detracting form whether or not games are fun to play, instead of being inclusive.

Aww crap. We’ve gone all meta-today. A debate about debates? What sort of horsesh*t is this? Tell us though – which gaming debates are you sick to death of hearing?

Last Updated: July 26, 2013

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