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FFD: Who’s your video game hero?

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Videogames aren’t quite as prone to the “cult of personality” as other media such as music, film and TV, but its still happens where a game designer, industry person or developer rises to become a public figure; an idealised, almost heroic version of themselves that exists as a messianic symbol of their art.

The are the people involved in video games who are almost worshipped, a product of the mascot culture. Who’s your favourite? It could be somebody like Nolan Bushnell, who’s largely credited with creating Atari, once a behemoth in the world of videogames. Or perhaps Hideo Kojima and his sprawling, paradoxical narratives. Perhaps you’re drawn, like a moth to a flame, by Ken Levine’s unrelenting quest to use videogames as social commentary, or Tim Schafer’s perpetual examination of the absurd.

Maybe, like me (and this should come as no surprise), you become a giggling teenage girl when you see Donkey Kong and Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto’s involvement in just about anything – or maybe you prefer your entertainment to have darker undertones, and believe Rockstar’s Houser brothers can do no wrong.

Whoever you are, whatever games you play there’s somebody in the industry whose celebrity makes you pay attention. Who is that person for you?

Last Updated: May 3, 2013

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