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FFD: Why are you reading this? + Part 2

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It’s a serious question and is part 1 of this week’s Friday Flamebait Debate.

Are you on leave and reading the site from home because you’re waiting for that mandatory PS3 install to complete or has your Xbox finally given up the ghost on you?Maybe you’ve just downloaded that awesome new game off Steam and now realised that it won’t run on your cruddy PC?

Second question, what are you hoping to get for Christmas this weekend? I’m hoping for a day of peace and quiet with no stress where I can just relax with the kids and then log on later and destroy some people in BF3 or MW3.

However I’ve got Christmas with the extended family on Sunday so the chance of no stress or even peace and quiet is destroyed.

Damnit, I was excited about this weekend until I wrote this… see you on Wednesday everyone I hope you all have a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday or whatever festival / religious day / event makes you happy this weekend.

Game On

PS: Are you reading this because of the Christmas present header image?

Last Updated: December 23, 2011

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