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FFD: You no longer matter. Deal with it.

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If you’re reading this site it’s because you’re either a) a “core gamer”, b) here by accident by clicking the wrong link on News24 or c) you have exceptionally good taste and are endowed like a mule. Even if you’re female. Chances are, like us, you love video games and have been playing them for forever. You’re entrenched in the culture of video games. You’re the sort of person who’s helped the gaming behemoths become what they are. And you’re increasingly becoming irrelevant. 

Gaming is changing. It’s becoming more and more mainstream, and more of a pure commercial product than an entertainment medium. And no, I’m not just talking about Microsoft’s Xbox One Reveal – although from what we’ve seen, their focus most certainly has shifted away from the core gamer. Games themselves are changing, becoming more and more accessible and “socially” integrated.

The last game I can think of that was really made for the traditional gamer of old, Dark Souls, is getting a sequel – and in an effort to appeal to more people, even that’s going to be more accessible. The thing is that we “core gamers” no longer exist. We aren’t the core. The core, now, seems to be the beer-guzzling, terrorist-shooting, fantasy f*cking sports playing, Angry birds-loving TV enthusiast. They’re the ones buying consoles to play Call of Duty and FIFA en masse, they’re the ones who walk in to game stores and buy random things on a whim.

You’re not the core. You’re the fringe. And you no longer matter.


Last Updated: May 24, 2013

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