FFXIII 160GB Special Edition PS3 coming to Japan this year

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ffxii-ps3-better-quality-490Sony, thankfully, has realised the massive potential that the next chapter in the Final Fantasy series has in its Japanese homeland. As it will arrive there first later this year and become a PS3 exclusive by virtue of the Xbox360’s version not being complete yet (Ed: and the fact that the 360 version isn’t being released in Japan), they plan to take advantage of the growing hype.

As reported before , the FFXIII demo will only be available by purchasing the Advent Children Blu-Ray edition, in Japan. However, this special edition of the movie has a $10 premium over the ‘regular’ Blu-Ray edition. If the public has no interest in buying a $10 demo, they can buy the special edition PS3 which has a 160GB hard drive, Advent Children in glorious HD, the FFXIII demo and a specially marked PS3 which will set you back $550 (Â¥49,980). If I were Japanese, and had 50k yen laying about, I would purchase that in a moment.

I think the people who will make the most money here is the people who sell the demo over eBay. I won’t be able to fathom what prices that disc will yield.

Source: Joystiq

Image stolen from courtesy of Joystiq

Last Updated: January 20, 2009

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