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During a lifestream about Final Fantasy Type-0, Game Director Hajime Tabata also ended up talking about Final Fantasy XV. While he didn’t drop too many details about the demo, he did raise some eyebrows from fans.

First up, he said that the demo will take about an hour of gameplay. However, if you get into it, there’s up to three or four hours of gameplay. The demo is meant to be a gift for those who have been waiting so long for the game, especially since the game isn’t ready for release soon.

However, the weirdest part is that while the demo will be available as a download code for those who buy Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, it won’t be around forever:

We also learn that the demo will be available only for a limited time. While the time frame still hasn’t been determined it won’t be “too long.” It will be announced officially when it’ll be determined, alongside more information about the content. The development team is still working on improving the demo based on user feedback and the information they’re receiving from the community.

Note: after double checking the original Japanese speech, Tabata-san mentioned that the “download” will be available for a limited time, presumably meaning that while the ability to download the demo will be removed after a while, those that did download it during the window of availability will still be able to play the demo even after the cut-off point. This wasn’t reflected in the simultaneous translation.

I suppose this makes sense – grab the demo as soon as you get the code, and download it. Then you can play it over and over again until they finally release the full game. You don’t want to sit around and wait with this code, just in case it expires or the download server stops after a while.

I am really looking forward to the demo, but I actually think I’m equally excited for Type-0 HD. It looks stunning and might just be the Final Fantasy game that I’ve been waiting for. Besides, I’ll bet that we have at least another year or two before we can board the hype train for FF XV – might as well have something wonderful to play in the meantime.

Last Updated: November 21, 2014

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