Fiddy's New Game Might Not Suck

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So just like the real 50 cent, the franchise can’t be killed and is back for more.

I never had the chance to play the first “Fiddy” game but I heard that it was a pile of crap. The real scary news is that we have heard that this new title is actually looking pretty good. The gameplay seems to steal elements from Gears of War, Bourne Identity and a couple others ant to be honest, I would rather that they leech off of some other concepts than just release more horse dung out into the world.

I can see some potential from the trailer but at the same time a lot of us know that if the cover system and the gunplay aren’t finely tuned then it can spoil the whole game. I’m not going to be expecting too much from the story to be honest but if the rest of it is fun then it might not really matter.

Last Updated: November 25, 2008

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