FIFA 12 review round-up

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I don’t get sports games – mostly because I don’t get sports, but it’s easy to recognise quality when you see it, and FIFA 12 just oozes it. Sure, it might have a few odd buggy glitches (as youtube is only to happy to let you know), but that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the finest representations of the beautiful game..or whatever it is you hooligans like to call it.

How’s it doing in the way of reviews? Nothing short of exceptional, really. Take a look after the jump.

FIFA 12 hits PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 tomorrow in the States, and Friday for the rest of us. Of course, those of you who shelled out for EA’s Season Ticket are already playing it. Well…wot’s it like?

Last Updated: September 26, 2011

Geoffrey Tim

Editor. I'm old, grumpy and more than just a little cynical. One day, I found myself in possession of a NES, and a copy of Super Mario Bros 3. It was that game that made me realise that games were more than just toys to idly while away time - they were capable of being masterpieces. I'm here now, looking for more of those masterpieces.

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