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FIFA 12 Skill Moves and Football Club

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For the past couple of weeks I’ve been a little over addicted to FIFA 11 and have been trying to whitewash a season with Liverpool which isn’t the easiest accomplishment. Well unfortunately my FIFA 11 disc now seems to have disappeared and while the wife is claiming innocence I’m sure I can figure out what happened.

But never fear as in 3 weeks time FIFA 12 is released and I get to start all over again; check out these two new FIFA 12 videos which firstly show us some all new skill moves implemented in FIFA 12, not to mention how talented their graphic designer is; and then a video detailing the Football Club section of FIFA 12 which should keep the dedicated gamers happy.

First up the skill moves, which I never seem to be able to pull off in game.

and then the Football Club details. I wonder who the Arsenal support is in the team

Last Updated: September 12, 2011

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