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Maingaming’s got two tournaments this weekend

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We told you just the other day that Get Hype would be running a Soul Calibur V tournament, and buried at the bottom of that was a little information that Maingaming would also be at the Brightwater Commons this weekend. We’ve got some solid details, and if swordplay isn’t your thing and you’d rather shoot people in the face or kicks balls in to nets, here’s what you need to know.

This Saturday, 25 February, Maingaming will be hosting a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 tournament. Players will have to be proficient without the use of perks in the free-for-all competition to walk away with the prizes which include  a R1000.00 AWX voucher and a FPS PRO Stealth Controller. You can register between 10 and 11am on the day, with the tournament kicking off at midday.

If you’re just not in to violent games at all you can opt for a FIFA 12 qualifier on the Sunday instead. The 13th of 40 such qualifiers, Sunday’s tournament also costs R80 to enter, and will see winners walk off with a Tritton AX180 Gaming Headset courtesy of Comet computing as well as gameto the value of R2500.00. The top 3 FIFA champs make their way to the grand finals later this year, where they stand a chance of winning a R25 000 cash prize.  Awesome.

As with the Modern Warfare 3 shindig, registration is from 10 to 11am, with the tournament kicking off at 12.

So whether you like playing with your sword, your gun or your balls, there’s no excuse not to get to the Brightwater Commons this weekend.

Last Updated: February 24, 2012

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