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FIFA 14 kicks in later this year

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When FIFA 14 arrives later this year, old scores will be settled. Scores like 2-1, and 1-0. The giants of the Premier League will take on the titans of UEFA, and thus look relatively the same size in comparison. Every kick massively mattering to someone! Presumably! It’s the football! And if you watch it hard enough, it will move!

So what’s new this year? FIFA will once again be released on trendy consoles such as the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, as well as PC, but it’s giving the Wii U a red card and bypassing that for now. Still, if you happen to own one of those three devices, then the main hook this year will be “Pure Shot”.

The idea behind Pure Shot is that players will be able to adjust their stride and angle, making hitting a homerun into a net a more satisfying experience. Bundled with newly developed shot animations, the idea is that scoring a goal and then presumably converting that try into extra runs will create a more dynamic situation overall.

Also new, is the Global Scouting Network, which will allow players to “evaluate footballers all over the world to uncover the attributes and traits of every player in the game, in preparation for the transfer windows,” according to the press release. Other changes listed by PR also include:

  • Changes to the wildly popular FIFA Ultimate Team
  • A new online Mode that will encourage social competition
  • Multiple new features and benefits to EA SPORTS Football Club, the live service that is the heartbeat of FIFA
  • Complete authenticity with more than 500 officially licensed clubs.

There’s no solid release date on the latest FIFA game, but it should be bringing some pit crew action towards consoles and PC towards the end of the year as usual. Here’s the full press release from EA, detailing how this year’s FIFA is totally better than last year’s one.

What do you think? Worth the purchase for the Call of Duty of football games, or would you rather take a penalty shot with PES this year?

[Ed: Apologies for all footballing fans, Darryn got to this article before me and I didn’t have the heart to tell him he’s a moron for the 15th time this morning]

Last Updated: April 18, 2013

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