Fighting fans! Gear up for more competition with Gethype

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Continuing their tradition of pushing local competitive video-game fighting, the fine folks from GetHype will be hosting another fighting game tournament; this time featuring Marvel vs Capcom 3 and King of Fighter XIII.

Once against hosted by AWX at the Brightwater commons in Randburg, the tournament will kick (and punch!) off on July 21. Registrations will open at 10:30 and the first match will start at 12pm. Both tournaments will be double elimination best out of 3 rounds. It’ll cost you R30 to enter either tourny – or R50 for both.

They’ll be recording it all with running commentary – as they did with the last Sodium Overload. If you think you have flowing speech and fighting game expertise, you’re welcome to test out your own commentating skills – or just go along to support the local fighting game scene.

Last Updated: July 4, 2012

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