Final Fantasy 8 could be headed to Steam

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Junction this rumour to something that I am really, really keen to see come true. Final Fantasy 8 is without a doubt my favourite game in the entire franchise. It had great gameplay, story and visuals and it still happens to be plenty playable years after release. And it might be getting an upgrade for a Steam release.

A while back, Final Fantasy 8 was briefly added to the Steam registry before being yanked off quicker than a high school kid and his first skin mag. NeoGAFfer Grief.exe picked up on another Steam entry this week, noticing that territorial purchasing options for Final Fantasy 8 had been updated.

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And as noted, when a publisher starts to tinker with that kind of information, a release is imminent. Square-Enix has already released one Playstation One era Final Fantasy this year, the much loved (COUGH “OVERRRATEED” COUGH) Final Fantasy 7, so an updated PC version of 8 sounds plausible.

I’ve bought that game twice already. Would I buy it a third time? You bet your junctioned Guardian Force ass that I would.

Last Updated: December 4, 2013

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