Final Fantasy creator honoured with award

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Hironobu Sakaguchi is a man of legend. Gamers owe him a massive debt of gratitude for the games he’s created, and he will be honoured at the Game Developers Conference as a result.

Sakaguchi-san has been involved with bringing us some of the best and most influential franchises in gaming history. Starting with Final Fantasy, Meggan Scavio (GM of all GDC events) explained:

Final Fantasy helped pave the way for game stories that dealt with death, regret and character development in a mature and significant way, and we’re proud to honor Sakaguchi-san as a true leader in the space, and an inspired game developer.

Joining Square straight out of university, he went on to be involved in Vagrant Story, Parasite Eve and Kingdom Hearts. He even directed the 2001 film Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. He became President of Square USA in 1995, but left in 2004 to found Mistwalker, a studio that would give us games like Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, The Last Story and Terra Battle. So yes, he is the brain behind all your favourite JRPG franchises – next time you wonder why Final Fantasy has gone downhill changed, remember that Sakaguchi-san is no longer in charge of them.

According to him, it’s all about the feelings for games:

Since I started making games, I just wanted to make people have warm feelings,” he said in 2012. When they play my games, I want them to feel warmth and kindness, not darkness. When I make games, I think about my daughter, so I don’t want darkness there. I only make games that my daughter would enjoy.

Funny idea considering the deep and dark concepts that are often depicted in his games. Then again, it’s all about triumphing over the darkness, which certainly is enjoyable an inspiring.

Congratulations Hironobu Sakaguchi and thank you for all your magnificent contributions to gaming. I probably wouldn’t be the person I am today without you.

Last Updated: February 4, 2015

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