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FF type 0

I wasn’t excited for Final Fantasy Type-0 getting a Western release. The game was presumably cool on PSP, but I didn’t think putting it on PS4 would look great. In fact, the only reason I was planning on getting the game was to get my hands on the FFXV demo. However, my eyes have been opened and I was so very very wrong to not be excited.

Here is the Enter the Fray trailer for Final Fantasy Typo-0 – join me as we get transported to Orience and learn more about a war of nations.

For those who can’t view YouTube, here’s your link to a viewable format of the trailer.

I can’t get over how gorgeous the game looks – this appears to be way more than a quick HD upgrade for PS4, but is a whole remaster. Plus, the world, events and characters seem really compelling. I never got to play this back in the day – not just because it didn’t come West, but also because I never had a PSP. I am genuinely keen to get my hands on it when it comes to this side of the world: 17 March 2015 for the US of A and 20 March 2015 for the EU.

Of course I’m also still amped to get to play the Final Fantasy XV demo. What should I do, play Type-0 first and then enjoy the taste of the demo, or play the demo first and then soothe my pain of needing to wait for the full game by playing Type-0?

Last Updated: October 29, 2014

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