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Final Fantasy Versus XIII lives!

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Hey, remember Final Fantasy Versus XIII? You don’t? Blame that on the fact that the game has been in development for six years now. It’s been a period of time that has seen little more than a few screenshots, and some promotional videos. The industry thought the game was dead, buried and forgotten, but much like my leftover lasagne which I tried to kill with fire, it has risen once more. Only with less of a killer tomato attitude.

The rumours of said demise were indeed exaggerated then, as Square Enix head Yoichi Wada confirmed in a tweet that the game was very much still knocking around.

There’s someone making a false rumor that Versus was cancelled. Haha…Just a minute ago, the regular Versus meeting ended. The presentation of the city knocked me off my feet~lol.

Leet-speak aside, that kind of talk has been dangling like a Phoenix Down potion on a string in front of our faces for years now. There was no sign of the game at E3 this year, while other rumours pointed to it being folded and incorporated into Final Fantasy XV.

If the game is on the way, then it’s high time that Square-Enix rewards the fans for their patience with some concrete details and footage. Maybe Gavin or Geoff can sneak in at Gamescom, and finally find out what’s going on.

Last Updated: July 24, 2012

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