Final Fantasy VII is being turned into novel by a fan

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I love Final Fantasy VII. It was the first game I ever played in the franchise, introducing me to a world of levelling, magic, and characters with ridiculous block limbs and unrealistic spikey hair. It’s still my favourite to this day, and I’ve played it many, MANY times since. One reason I love the Final Fantasy franchise in general though is because of the vast tales they spin, and yes, I loved the story that VII told. Imaging experiencing it all as a novel…

Yes, it wouldn’t be as exciting – no materia hunting, level grinding, exploring, and so on, but hey it’s something I’d like to see nonetheless, and I can it seems. A fan, M.J. Gallagher, is penning the entirety of Final Fantasy VII into one big novel (via Kotaku)

Final Fantasy VII is a story of love, hate, war, and peace – in which one man can make a difference that will last forever…

Gallagher, a longtime fan of the classic title, has currently released two novels in his retelling of this celebrated tale.  Available online in some form since 2009, the project has become one of the most popular fan-fictions of its kind. Following canon as closely as possible, the books seamlessly fuse familiar material with a degree of artistic license to bring the world of Final Fantasy VII to life in a new way.

Included in the text are multi-tiered story arcs and layered references to every single official Compilation release, as well as elements from lesser known sources such as the Early Material Files and Ultimanias, the official novellas, and even Shademp’s Unused Text Series.

Honestly, I myself would never take on such a mammoth task. Can you imagine having to know the lore inside and out? Even so, Final Fantasy VII fans are a diehard bunch, and I don’t think Gallagher will be able to appease them all. I take off my hat to him for simply attempting it.

There are two volumes available at the moment. You can find them and everything else you need to know right here.

I dabbled with some fan fiction in the past. Most of it was honestly terrible, putting me off completely. Not to say all of it is awful in general, I think I’ve just had some bad experiences. I would definitely be keen to check this out though!

What about you? Will you be reading the novelised Final Fantasy VII (at least, the parts that are currently available)?

Last Updated: December 15, 2014

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