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Final Fantasy X reborn on PS4 in May

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FinalFantasyXX2HDRemaster 2

Final Fantasy X is arguably the last great Final Fantasy game we’ve seen. I wouldn’t argue that because I still enjoyed XII and I think even A Realm Reborn has its merits. However, for fans of this installment, it’s about time for a remastered version on new generation consoles. And that’s exactly what you’re getting in May.

It’s official, on 12 May 2015 we can return to Spira on PlayStation 4 – you can even get the awesome pre-order bonus of… a calendar?

Okay, I’m definitely not in it for the pre-order bonus, but it’s nice to see the PS4 getting some JRPG loving – first FF Type-0 and Episode Duscae, and now FF X and X-2. And, thanks to the good people of Dualshockers, I’ve got some pretty screens to go with the announcement, too. Rub your eyeballs over these babies.

I’m always surprised when I see remastered images. I suppose our mind’s eye updates with time, too, but these images are actually how I remember the game looking. Of course that’s not how it actually looked all those years ago, but it’s amazing how our brains delude us into remembering things as shinier and slicker than they actually were.

I wouldn’t mind picking up this game on PS4 when it comes out. I only actually played FF X once, so it’s probably due for a replay for me. Now if only the remaster could mean that they edited out all the awful laughing and the daddy issues.

Last Updated: March 3, 2015

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