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Final Fantasy XII Remake in the works

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When I joined the team all that time ago, Geoff already knew that I would be the JRPG girl. We had a discussion about which Final Fantasy was best and why, and FFXII came up as the best modern-ish Final Fantasy. However, only being playable on PS2, it was already quite behind the times. But that’s okay, because thanks to the remaster/remake mantra of this generation, what’s old can be new again.

As the only Final Fantasy that hasn’t been released in some way, shape or form on modern consoles, it makes sense for Square Enix to bring it to the masses. However, I don’t think they necessarily wanted it announced this way.

Final Fantasy XII was a real change for the franchise. Each iteration is unique and offers different combat and experiences. FFXII was much more tactical, plus it was the first core Final Fantasy game that allowed players to avoid random encounters. RPG fans who missed out on the PS2 generation (really, is there anyone on this planet who didn’t have a PS2?) will probably be really happy to finally get their hands on this installment.

I’m just curious if this is an actual remake or an HD remaster. Normally, I’d be inclined to think that it’s just a typical HD remaster, complete with prettier textures and some improved controls. However, Squeenix got a lot of love with the announcement of the much anticipated Final Fantasy VII remake. Will se maybe see FFXII get similar treatment? Then again, with it being a much more modern title, it hopefully shouldn’t take much to give it a bit of a spit polish and fix up those things that got muddled when lost in development hell for all those years. Either way, I’d be keen to give it another whirl; I liked that universe a whole lot more than FFXIII’s.

Last Updated: August 3, 2015

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