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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Release date announced

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How loyal of a Final Fantasy fan are you? Are you still hoping that the developers are going to eventually go back to their roots, and give us something substantial, instead of last years one button combat system and linear corridor fighter? Well there might be some good news for you then, oh loyal RPG fan, as the latest Final Fantasy, a sequel to last years title, has just received an official launch date.

An American release date of January 2012 has been announced, meaning that the sequel will launch a month after the Japanese release. Normally, gamers wait at least a few more months after the Japanese get to enjoy all that RPG goodness, usually at least three to six months.

Speaking to Famitsu at E3, Director Motomu Toriyama explained that the game will be more “player-driven”, with their choices having an impact on the world around them.

“The player actively explores the world, and events take place based on his actions. It’s made to allow a lot of choices to be made by the player. Compared to XIII, we’re using very few prerendered scenes, it’s mostly realtime."

"We’ll also be upping the number of minigames. The linearity of XIII meant that there weren’t a lot of extra features like that, but we’re really putting a lot of different stuff into this one. It’ll mark a return to the sort of vast mix of gameplay seen in previous FFs."

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will launch on the PS3 and Xbox 360 next year in January in America, with a local release date presumably being close to the final date. Lets just hope that the series can pull itself together and give gamers the Final Fantasy experience that they have been craving, and that they deserve.

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Last Updated: July 19, 2011

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