Final Fantasy XIII PC port is abysmal

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Lightning sigh

Final Fantasy XIII was, subjectively, of course, one of the worst Final Fantasy titles to be released. However, if you pushed through and played it to the end of the trilogy, it somehow came together and became… okay. Some might even say good. PC gamers are finally getting their chance to play it, and Square Enix has somehow managed to make the game even worse.

To start with, it should be clear that this four-year-old game was not optimized for PCs – it requires 60 GB of space to install. Yes, 60 GB – that’s bigger than any of the characters’ personalities, combined. But it goes even more downhill from there.

The customization options for the PC port are extremely wanting. Here’s the screen cap (thanks Gamespot):

FFXIII options

Screen resolution is locked to 720p and some on the Steam Forum are citing framerate issues – the game often struggles to maintain even 25 fps. Without any graphical settings to tweak performance, the game really struggles to give the same experience that it did on console.

Oh, and hitting ESC completely quits the game without any warnings or pop-ups. Yup, ESC and you’re back to staring at Steam.

Notable PC port fixer, Peter ‘Durante’ Thoman is attempting to improve the game. As the guy who made the terrifyingly bad Dark Souls PC port something playable, I’m sure he can bring the lightning to FFXIII. As great as it is that he is working to fix these awful ports, his hard work wouldn’t be necessary if Square Enix actually just did what they were supposed to.

Are you sighing more than Lightning now? Was this a port you were anticipating, or was this an iteration in the franchise that was below PC master race standards?

Last Updated: October 10, 2014

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