Final Fantasy XIII Will NOT Be High-Def On Both Consoles

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Everyone has that little thing that just gets on their nerves. For Lazygamer, it’s console installs, but me?- I hate it when developers are too useless to release HD resolution games on an HD console.

It happens here and there but when it happens to a game that’s coming from a top-notch development team, I feel no pity. Take Halo 3 for example, the flagship title and series for Microsoft and the Xbox 360 and Bungie couldn’t even get the damn thing running at 720p.

As you all know, Final Fantasy is coming to both platforms. One of them isn’t going to be running in HD, and that hacks mah goat summin’ fierce.

Which one is going to be the blurry one? Did you guess?

That’s right, it’s the newcomer, the Xbox 360. At this rate I want to call it the Xbox 360p.

The truth is that when this bloke from a thingamaplace ran his doodad on the whatchamacallit, he found out that the Xbox 360 version is only going to be running at 576p. Now I don’t know if any of you noticed, but 576p is significantly less than 720p, and let’s just not even think about 1080p, because it’s nearly double the resolution.


Just look at the image above and tell me that you can’t see a big difference in quality, it’s pretty ridiculous. The full size images from the doodad can be seen here.

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I hate it when this happens, these are HD consoles. You are supposed to be running HD games on them, not blurry upscaled games that are supposed to kind of look like HD games.

It’s obvious that the PS3 version was the lead platform for Final Fantasy XIII but I don’t accept that as a sufficient excuse. Shame on you Square-Enix. If you are in it for the visuals, now you know which one to buy.

Source: Product-Reviews

Last Updated: February 19, 2010

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