Final Fantasy XIV Getting Universally Panned

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When Final Fantasy XIII was announced for the Xbox 360 at E3 2008, some die-hard Sony fans took it personally, but they got their revenge a year later when Final Fantasy XIV, an MMO, was to be a PS3 console exclusive, with a PC version released as well.

Final Fantasy XIII ended up being largely mediocre..and XIV looks to follow in it’s footsteps. Only it’s apparently much, much worse.

You’d have though that Square-Enix would have learned from their mistakes from final Fantasy XI – which was actually pretty good. Instead, they’ve regressed, and made one of the worst critically received MMO’s…ever.

Pc Gamer, reviewing the game, has had a few rather unkind words to say, attached to a score of 3/10. "The kindest thing that can be said about the Final Fantasy MMO is that it has a good intro movie," the magazine assesses.

They go on to point out the game’s inherent lag, poor framerate as well as a "nightmarish control scheme". The game finds partial absolution in its XP system, but even that is obscured behind "one of the most heinous interfaces ever devised". The magazine’s critical hit?  "Final Fantasy XIV is so deeply flawed that I can’t even see how future updates could redeem it."

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Square-Enix has increased the free-to-pay trial of the game to two months from it’s initial one, citing “the current state of the game” as a reason.

I personally have no interest in XIV – MMO’s aren’t my bag, baby. I am, however, keen on Final Fantasy XIII Versus and , to a lesser extent, Agito. I really hope they fare better.

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Last Updated: October 20, 2010

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