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Final Fantasy XV gets new trailer and director

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I know it’s still a while away with a demo only coming next year, but Final Fantasy XV is coming. After silence from Sony about the beloved JRPG franchise at E3 and Gamescom, they’ve finally revealed some new stuff at the Tokyo Games Show. This includes a new trailer, as well as some details about who is running the show.

Here is the sausage-fest Maserati-fuelled trailer:

Did anyone else notice the suicide doors on the car? That’s insane. I know there has been quite some backlash about the more modern feel of the game, but I’m sure that they will make it work, weaving together the realism with the supernatural in fantastical way. The combat is looking all new, a tradition for Final Fantasy games – they always change the way combat works in each new iteration.


In a press statement, Square Enix stated that Tetsuya Nomura is no longer directing the project. Nomura is best known for his work on Kingdom Hearts and his character designs for various Final Fantasy games. He has been replaced with Hajime Tabata, known for his work on Final Fantasy Type O and Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII. Squeenix CEO Yosuke Matsuda explains:

Hereafter, [Nomura] will be focusing his efforts on the production of titles that can only be made possible by Nomura, himself, and delivering products that exceed the quality of past titles, starting with another one of his representative projects, Kingdom Hearts III. Square Enix will continue to work on these titles with the best staff formation in an effort to deliver them to everyone as soon as possible and appreciates your continued support.

So, Nomura has served his purpose, working on the character designs and other features of FFXV. Now Tabata can finish the game off and ensure it escapes from development hell. At least Nomura fans know that his touch on the game will be significant, but I have more faith that Tabata can helm the project and ensure its release. Besides, Nomura is needed on Kingdom Hearts III.


Last Updated: September 18, 2014

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