Final Fantasy XV gets some big changes

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Much to my despair, Final Fantasy XV will not be on show at E3 this year. While it will be coming to Gamescom with all new footage, we did get some consolation in the form of new information about the game. It seems that some pretty big changes have come down the pipeline.

First up, the biggest change – Stella, the blond heroine we didn’t really know too much about has been axed from the game, replaced by another lady, Luna. Also excised from the game, the sequence from Final Fantasy Versus XIII in which the capital city of Insomnia is attacked by enemy troops following the party in the castle. In fact, Noctis and his friends leave Insomnia before the attack. While the internet seemed to get rather upset about Stella’s removal, I didn’t think that we really knew enough about her to mourn her loss.

How will I comfort myself with the lack of Final Fantasy XV at E3? I suppose I’ll just have to download the all new update for Episode Duscae. Yes, that’s right, the demo is getting an update with a bunch of new features, making the game look even better. Just check out those party combos!

I am really excited about what I’m hearing about Final Fantasy XV. Yes, there are some big changes in the works, but I trust Hajime Tabata and I appreciate how open he has been about the development process and what we can expect from the game. Plus, an expanded demo makes waiting for the final release that little bit easier.

Last Updated: June 5, 2015

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