Final Fantasy XV getting revamped Chapter 13 next month

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Final Fantasy Chapter 13 patch incomming 2

Final Fantasy XV is a great game, but it’s also one that struggles to wrap its own head around the lore and flow around half way through its adventure. The story takes some ridiculous turns, not explaining character motivations and plunging players into boring gameplay chapters that you can’t break free from. Nothing emphasises this more than Chapter 13 – the most controversial part of the entire game that is already getting fixed.

Late last year game director Hajime Tabata announced that he and his team were looking at ways to change Chapter 13 in particular, adding in some new story beats and tweaking the gameplay according to player feedback. Yesterday, however, the team revealed when those changes will be making their way into the game. It’s part of a large roadmap that was revealed in a new Active Time Report, translated by Gematsu straight afterwards.

The main points of the update were:

  • February 21st: Level cap being increased to 120. PS 4 Pro getting 60FPS support, which will unlock the framerate to reach 60FPS “most of the time”. Limited timed quests will be added to the core game too.
  • March 28th: Enhancements to Chapter 13 will be released, although the exact details of these changes hasn’t yet been revealed.
  • March 28th: The first of multiple DLC episodes will launch with Gladio
  • June: Prompto DLC episode will be released.
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There’s some smaller details in the full translation, including news on new costume packs and the delay of the recently revealed pack that makes the crew of four look a lot like the new Power Rangers. Apparently their publisher agrees, and Square Enix is now dealing with that.

The overwhelming message here is that Square Enix is still treating Final Fantasy XV like a living title, and planning support throughout the year to entice players who haven’t yet bought it to stay interested. It’s part of the changing approach to post-launch support, and it benefits us as players in the long run. At least as long as games are still relatively complete at launch.

Last Updated: February 3, 2017

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  • Francois Knoetze

    started it yesterday. Loving it and even the wife is watching me play (FIRST TIME EVER)…plus she called Cindy the mechanic a whore…”who the F…. dresses like that and fixes cars?”

  • Guild

    So I’ll wait till end March before I start playing.

    • Hammersteyn

      LOL, good luck. For Honor, Wildlands, Mass Effect, Overwatch. Methinks not

      • Fox1 – Retro

        Mass Effect. That is all.

  • Original Heretic

    Still gotta get this. Now I know to wait a bit longer.

    • Hammersteyn

      Same, seems it’s for the best though

  • Good, cause chapter 13 send me into an annoying rage fueled tunnel vision to the end of the game. The ending scene was supposed to be something special and I was so frustrated I did not even care 🙁

    • I stopped at chapter 9. Havn’t played it since. I would rather play the fixed version to be honest

  • miaau

    Man, I am going to get a great game when I buy this on sale later

  • Hammersteyn

    I need this game badly…

    • Nikola

      It’s really really good!!! Besides Chapter 13…

      • Hammersteyn

        But they’re fixing it o/

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