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Final roundup of all the Diablo 3 midnight launches

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The Diablo 3 madness is reaching critical levels now and I have to say I’ve never seen so many retailers holding midnight launches for a game in South Africa in my life.

And everytime we post up about the launches someone else contacts us wanting to get their little party mentioned as well so this is it, the definitive Diablo 3 Midnight launch listing for Monday.

Which one are you going to?

BT Games

BT Games are holding 6 premier midnight launches at Tygervalley, Blueroute, Fourways, Pavilion, Eastgate and Centurion with my sources telling me that Centurion will be the biggest.

At these six launches BT Games will be giving away raffle tickets brandishing our sexy logo to all those who attend and then afterwards one lucky winner will be picked to walk away with a steel series mouse, headset, mousepad, shirt and some ADSL bandwidth.

For those of you who also never managed to secure one of the super-rare Collector’s Edition, Zaps has you covered, as they’ll be selling forty of the highly valued limited editions, at the launch.


ZAPS at Brightwater Commons in Randburg is also pulling out all the stops by hosting a spit braai, medieval fighters, a cosplay tournament and the winning ticket in my book. A pub right next door.

This is being billed as the biggest midnight launch but I’m sure BT Games would disagree with that.

Look & Listen

Look and Listen are also coming to the party this year by hosting a midnight launch at their Fourways Crossing branch which I’m told will include a cosplay competition (best dressed wins a CE edition), food, drinks, give aways and a live band.

Yes they’ve enlisted the help of a local metal band, Agro, to pump you up and get you ready to unleash hell after midnight.

You can check all their details here.

kalahari.com, TakeALot and Mweb Games

In an odd turn of events our online retailers are also getting into the act with kalahari.com and Takealot.com also hosting launch events. kalahari’s event however was by invitation only and as far as I know it’s now full up and I can’t find any information about the Takealot event right now.

Which means we’re done, so with all these launch events and so many in my neck of the woods which ones are you going to?

And moving forward what would make you leave the comfort of your house to attend one of these events? I know alcohol normally works for me but do you want to see more cosplay, shows, bands, mud wrestling or just a massive party?

Let us know and we’ll be sure to get the retailers and distributors to read through the comments. You never know you could change the way things work locally.

Meanwhile, for those of you who were lucky enough to snag a coveted spot for the Mweb Games launch of Diablo 3, that is happening on May 15 from 6-10 PM, then you’re in for a treat.

The M-Cave is going to play host some online co-op action in Sanctuary, which will be played on Alienware X51 gaming desktops, for maximum fun, as well as have a few prizes and giveaways thrown into the mix.

Ultimate Games

And over in Port Elizabeth, the city that regularly changes its name in order to escape its crippling debt, and that one guy who wants his horse back, will play host to another midnight launch.

Ultimate Games over at the 17th Quarter Shopping Center, on the William Moffet Expressway, will be handing out copies of the game to eager buyers, plus Darryn will be in that vicinity, no doubt sipping tea and trying to avoid being poked with a stick, yet again.

Last Updated: May 11, 2012

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