Finally – A new Shaq Fu may be on the way

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Growing up with a Sega Megadrive way back in the year known as 2008 (Holy hell I was poor), there were plenty of games that defined my gaming habits. Fighting games were particularly awesome, with Mortal Kombat, Eternal Champions and Clay Fighter dominating my hours. And now finally, Shaq Fu is getting the sequel that it so richly deserves.

Basketball super-athelete and the mega-talent star of the 1997 superhero epic Steel and the wish fulfilment Oscar-snubbed KaZaam Shaquille O’Neal was at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show this month, where Gamer Fit Nation interviewed him. Jokingly asking if we’d ever see a Shaq Fu 2, O’Neal replied with a positive yes, and that the game would be  “coming soon.”


Could it be true? Could the 1994 game finally be getting a new entry in its long and storied history? Last year a trademark for ShaqFighter was filed, so there’s some evidence right there.

If you never played Shaq Fu, then you missed out…on a strange game. Obviously starring the giant himself, Shaq Fu had players take a detour from a basketball game and enter another dimension, where they had to battle their way to the big cheese in charge. Who happened to be an evil Egyptian mummy by the name of Sett-Ra.

You could play the game as the massively-overpowered Shaq, or choose to trade blows as Colonel Diesel, Nezu or Auroch. Even better, Shaq Fu was available on a bunch of systems, from the Sega Megadrive through to the Nintendo Super NES, the battery-chugging Sega Game Gear and even the Amiga system.

Sweet half-time basketballs, I need to play this game again. Only this time, when I’m not actually sober. Man, I may have just Shaq’ed my pants over this possible sequel.

Last Updated: January 10, 2014

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