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Finally, Fallout 3 Patch Now Online. DLC coming Jan 27th

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The Fallout 3 patch is now live for all versions of the game on their respective updating avenues. Its staggering that it has taken Bethesda this long to get a patch out after the outcry of bugs like the Playstation 3 one which caused the game to crash if a friend logged on.

Why has it taken so long just to fix that, for example. I didn’t play much Fallout 3, so I never encountered the plethora of bugs that was mentioned on forums and other gaming websites, but I can understand the frustration of the player who wishes to enjoy his game but is prohibited by ridiculous bugs like the Playstation 3 one mentioned above. Atleast its now out and available for everyone.

On a happier note, Operation Anchorage will be released on the 27th of January for all those wishing to expand their game.

Patch notes after the jump.

Update 1.1 Notes (All platforms unless otherwise noted)

New Features

Trophy support. (Playstation 3)

Bug Fixes

Friends notification no longer causes the game to pause. (Playstation 3)

Fixed occasional crashes during loading and waiting.

Friendly or neutral NPC health bars, when taking damage, no longer flicker repeatedly.

Fixed issue where certain NPCs would occasionally disappear from the game.

Fixed issue where dead NPCs would occasionally come back to life.

Fixed rendering issue with the Gatling Laser gun’s tracers.

Fixed issue where the haircut menu would occasionally not appear properly.

Added ability to remap your VATS and pip boy buttons.

Fixed rare load/save issues that would cause NPCs to behave incorrectly.

Fixed issue where quest objectives would occasionally not update properly due to talking activators,
intercoms and conversations.

Using Radaway from the Pip-Boy’s Status Menu repeatedly no longer crashes the game.

Player no longer gets stuck in level up menu if their skills are maxed out.

Fixed issue where multiple followers would occasionally not load into an interior.

Fixed rare issue with getting stuck in VATS mode.

Fixed rare crash with fighting NPCs with corrupted data.

In game radios will now play properly if player was listening to the radio in the Pip-Boy first. (Playstation 3)

Fixed rare crashes while loading and saving games.

Fixed rare issue where player would fall through the floor while in VATS.

Fixed occasional crash after scoring a critical hit in the head with a Railway Rifle.

Prevent NPCs from inadvertently dying from falling.

Fixed occasional issue where the controller would stop working properly.

Fixed crashes related to repeatedly equipping and dropping clothing and armor into the world.

Quest Fixes

Fixed several instances where quest item stayed in inventory permanently after completing quests.

Fixed an issue where the distress message would occasionally not play in Trouble on the Homefront.

In The Waters of Life quest, the Citadel gate will open properly if the player fast travels away after exiting the Taft Tunnels but before reaching the Citadel gate with Doctor Li.

For the Big Trouble in Big Town quest, the broken protectrons in Big Town become active at the proper time.

In The American Dream quest, fixed specific issue which prevented the player from accessing their belongings in the locker by the door if they left the room first.

Fixed infinite caps exploit in Strictly Business quest.

Fixed rare instance where Dad would have no valid dialogue during The Waters of Life quest.

Prevent issue during the Finding the Garden of Eden quest where player would fade to black, instead of traveling to Raven Rock, while in combat with a follower.

Fixed several XP speech exploits with certain NPCs.

Fixed XP exploit with a robot in Fort Bannister.

Fixed issue where player’s controls can become locked permanently during The American Dream.

Source: 1UP

Last Updated: January 14, 2009

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