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Finally, the Agent Coulson figure that we’ve all been waiting for

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Dammit Hot Toys, there’s only room for one Lich King around here. And while I’ve been siphoning the health of the Lazygamer crew to keep myself rejuvenated, you had to upstage me by actually shrinking down people. That might just explain this action figure at least, as the Agent Coulson figure that they’ll be releasing is a tad too realistic for my liking.

Standing 12 inches high, the SHIELD agent comes with all kinds of accessories, such as a pistol, extra hands, SHIELD files and a gun that he has no idea as to what it can actually do. Costing slightly over $200, or around R1800 give or take, the Son of Coul will be released towards the middle of next year.


As for the actual SHIELD Agent that everyone loves, he tweeted a pic of himself with the figure, saying that “And now this aging fanboy can die happy…”. Ha! So Loki never did kill him! Happy days!


Last Updated: January 4, 2017

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