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Find a new nemesis in Shadow of Mordor DLC

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SoM Talion and Celebrimbor

Shadow of Mordor won our most coveted award in 2014 – Game of the Year. It won this because it was a ridiculous amount of fun with a highly innovative Nemesis system. Now Warner Bros has released a cool infographic about just how many Uruks we’ve all killed, just in time to go kill some more in the new DLC, The Bright Lord.

First up, here is the infographic:

Shadow of mordor player stats

With 200 million Uruks dominated and 95.6 million unique nemeses created, that’s a lot of individual storytelling experiences. Especially when you add in the 23.1 million warchiefs who were wiped out with only 2.3 million betrayed by their own bodyguards. You guys must be pretty professional if you’re all taking out warchiefs without even bothering with their henchmen. Well done!

Of course, once you’ve branded all the captains/warchiefs, grabbed all the collectibles and finished the game, you might a bit underwhelmed – the game is short and if you enjoyed it, you’ll wonder what to do next. Of course, there’s DLC to fill your time, and the latest is a story DLC that puts you solely in the shoes of Celebrimbor. Here is the DLC launch trailer:

I’ve started playing it and will give you a review ASAP. If nothing else, I’m enjoying the opportunity to run around Mordor again, branding and killing captains and amassing an army of dominated Uruks. I’m not quite at the 200 million mark, but maybe one day I’ll be close.

Are you still waiting for a reason to play this game (again) or is this game your own nemesis?

Last Updated: February 25, 2015

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