Find out what’s Kraken in this new gameplay footage for Evolve

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Evolve looks like a fun game, and I know this because Zoe won’t shut the hell up about it whenever anything with a Darwinian link is mentioned in the office. It’s got a simple formula, wherein four players team up and hunt down the fifth player, who just so happens to be controlling a giant hulking meat engine of destruction. But the gameplay itself, is far, far deeper than that.

With the game now currently in Alpha, players around the world are helping to test out and hash any potential problems. Here’s YouTuber JackFrags and his dulcet tones to help show you just what is Kraken:

Damn, how about those Kraken mutations, am I right? Pure nightmare fuel, I tells ya. There have most certainly been some subtle improvements in the game design since the E3 build debuted for Evolve. The user interface for the monster looks spiffier, and the Kraken itself appears to be a far more devious creature than the brute force Goliath.

Back at E3, Zoe described the Kraken abilities along the lines of “lighting bolts, mines that seek out players, a short-range area of attack shock wave and a vortex shot. He feels powerful and confident, able to pick off potential food and even the hunters from a distance. The Goliath was like a giant, melee tank; the Kraken is an enormous rogue – keeping a distance and hiding in the shadows until the time is right.”

Sexy. Evolve is out in the dreaded month of October, on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Last Updated: August 5, 2014

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